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You can remit payments online to the Virginia Annual Conference Treasurer’s Office for Apportionments and other benevolences.

Complete the Registration Form below to authorize our office to set up your church bank routing and account information. Once we have received your registration form, we will email you a secure logon to the VAUMCPayApp website. You will be able to view your most recent Apportionment Statement and initiate payments as often as you need and designated by fund.

Acknowledgements of your payment request will be sent to your Treasurer’s email address. Payments will be batched on Mondays at 12 noon and also on the last business day each month. Bank accounts will be drafted the next business day.

You can logon at anytime to send a remittance OR you can set up reoccurring payments monthly or quarterly.

Questions about VAUMC PayApp, call 804-521-1100 or email PayApp@vaumc.org.

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